Tips & My Experience in Clearing TOGAF 9.2-Part 1(OG0–091)

Some Bragging :) Seriously, I just don’t want to set wrong expectations

This is my third professional certification in the architecture area. I regularly work in the architecture field for more than a decade. I have followed MDA ,Zachman. I have overall thirteen professional certifications including this one. These certifications are in the area where I have worked in past and working currently every now and then. Those certifications are offered by Oracle(Sun), IBM, Azure, AWS, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes & SAFe . They are achieved over two decades of time frame. During all these certifications I had one goal in mind is, how I can understand each and every aspect of that technology or process and how I can make the best practical use of it on the job. Because not necessarily every aspect of that technology is used in your current assignment or project. Also, I believe the certification exams are also set keeping a similar purpose in mind, where it gives an assurance at the end that he/she can be considered SME in all the areas. I will suggest you do the same that will make your certification easier and fun at the same time. This exam is quite costly as compared to other certifications & every attempt is fully paid, so you want to prepare 100% before you make an attempt to appear.

Certification Fees

B. Real Preparation for the exam

  1. Syllabus Expectations
Source TOGAF Site
TOGAF Structure
ADM Phases
Enterprise Continuum
Relationship in between Architecture & Solution Continuum

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